Everything You Need To Know About Parasites

If you ask the average person about parasites, they are absolutely clueless. All they know about them is that you often see them on TV, and unless you go to the Amazon rainforest you are unlikely to get them. That’s what most of people in the United States seem to believe, but it’s actually untrue.

The CDC has a group of five parasites which they call the Neglected Parasitic Infections because they receive little attention to their surveillance, prevention, and/or treatment1. So what does this exactly mean?

That Parasites are in the United States and millions of people are already infected2. This is not a fairy tale, this is not something that you see on TV, this is reality. One single parasite, Toxoplasma Gondii is thought to have infected 60 million people, and there are countless other parasites living in this world.

It is true though that if you are in a first world country your odds of being infected by a parasite is far lower, but that is not because we have such a low infection rate, on the contrary, in other countries they get infected far too often. It is very difficult to get exact numbers, but parasites are the most common lifeform on earth. They are in fresh water rivers and streams. According to Dr. Oz, 90% of humans will have a parasite problem in their lifetime.

This website is here to help you. My name is Dr. Marie-Christine, and I have a PhD in Parasitology. There’s a good reason I studied Parasitology so much, and if you look at the Natural Parasite Cleanse link below you can find it. I have written this website which I believe to be the most extensive website covering everything you should know about parasites. Where infections come from, how to avoid an infection, different parasite species and how they infect you as well as affect you. Of course I didn’t neglect treating parasites.

You can scroll through the sidebar on the left hand side to get a good idea, but I included some links below to help you get started. These are what I believe to be the most important links on the site.

About Parasites – What Are Parasites, and Parasitic Disease
Causes of Parasites – How You Get Them
Parasite Symptoms – Symptoms of Being Infected
Natural Parasite Cleanse – How I Treated My Own Parasites
Diagnosing Parasites

Please browse through the site as I’ve included so much information that anybody concerned about parasites would get great benefits from it.

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