How Safe Are Parasite Cleanses?

Firstly, I have written a comprehensive parasite cleanse article that you can read on my blog here. However, it seems that these natural products work well for some people and it could be interesting to give it a try if you are experiencing symptoms of parasitic diseases. Furthermore, parasite cleanses are usually made from natural product and are usually quite safe in otherwise healthy people.

Even though some exceptions are always possible, parasite cleanses are usually made from natural products and based on ancient knowledge. It is interesting to note that many plants commonly found in nature has been used by indigenous populations for hundreds of years in order to get rid of some diseases, including parasitic infections. A well-known example of this type of traditional natural treatment is the use of the bark of the cinchona tree by South American people against malaria fever caused by Plasmodium. This traditional knowledge leads to the extraction of the quinine, the first treatment against malaria, in the 17th century. This plant-based compound was used as a first-line treatment against malaria until the 1940s where more effective and less toxic treatments had been discovered. This example emphasizes the importance of traditional knowledge in the fight against diseases, especially infectious diseases. Unfortunately, it is quite a shame that our modern Western cultures are gradually forgetting this important traditional knowledge. However, with the recent rising of antimicrobial resistance, some researchers are now turning to this ancient knowledge and are screening more natural compounds with the hope of finding new drugs effective against microorganisms.

As with any other natural treatments, some parasitic cleanses must be better than others. It could be good to search for the benefits and safety of each ingredient before taking it. Some ingredients might be plants active against parasites and others can be supplements needed by the body in order to compensate for the nutrients ingested by the parasite. These types of ingredients made sense to recover from a parasitic infection. As such, it could be interesting to give it a try, especially if you are experiencing symptoms from parasitic infections.

However, as some helminths can offer a kind of protection against some autoimmune diseases, it is interesting to know that it is possible that other symptoms related to pre-existent autoimmune diseases, such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, might be worse after a successful parasite cleanse.

As with any other natural products, parasite cleanses could sometimes work or not. As such, although parasite cleanses could be a great alternative against mild or asymptomatic parasitic infections, it could be better to consult a doctor in the case of very severe infection to avoid have more complications. For example, very severe intestinal illnesses caused by parasites could lead to dehydration and urgent medical care should be required. Furthermore, it could also be better to consult a doctor if you are feeling worse after the parasite cleanse.

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