How To Do A Proper Parasite Cleanse: Everything You Need To Know About Cleansing Parasites From Your Body

We Thought It Only Affected Others. There are parasites in North America invading our friends, families, neighbors, and even you and I.


My name is Dr. Marie-Christine, I have a PhD in Parasitology. If you’re reading this article, there’s probably a reason that you came to this page. It’s about the nasty creatures known as parasites.

What I’m about to share with you is from my years of experience personally having parasites in my body and living through it, studying everything about parasites so extensively that I became a Ph.D. in parasitology as well as helping hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world. I’ve visited countless websites on the internet have only seen bad information, so if you’re looking for general parasite information, then please take a look and browse through my site.

I’m going to start with some basic information that I think is important so that you can understand parasites, including facts, stats, causes, symptoms, and the proper cleansing protocol, but if you just want to cleanse parasites, then click here.

Causes of Parasites

Parasites are everywhere, in the water you drink, in the food you eat. There are many that are hearty, and there are plenty of parasites that will survive even when the water is treated with chlorine.

Parasites are commonly found in foods as well such as fruits, vegetables, meats. They are a part of life, and impossible to avoid. Unfortunately they can be living in you right now. You might think of parasites only infecting small tribes in the jungle but that’s not true.

You can get parasites from people who you interact with in their daily life. Parasites are microscopic and can live in places like your fingernails for months.

You can easily get it from someone in your household, or by being intimate with someone. When you share everything, including saliva or have sexual intercourse it makes it easy for an infection to spread.

Animals, not just dogs and cats can have and transmit parasites. Even simple insects such as fleas, mosquitoes, ticks can transmit parasites. The risk is lower in the USA than developing countries, but it’s still there.

It only takes a single parasite to potentially infect you, and they lay thousands of eggs a day. Maybe that’s why some cultures refuse to shake hands.

Who can get parasites?

For some reason there is a common misconception that parasites can only occur in super unhealthy people. That parasites cannot infect the average person, or someone who appears healthy.

Well that is not true at all. While parasites may thrive better under certain conditions like somebody is unhealthy or overweight, it’s also true that a lot of these raw fruits and vegetables can contain plenty of parasites as well. So yes, even raw vegans can get parasites.

It could be your neighbor, your doctor, your best friend, your teacher, your boss, your employee who has parasites. Basically anybody can get parasites, and even if you’re super healthy, they can make you extremely sick.

Some Parasite Statistics

  • Parasite infections can cause small side effects, but they can have serious health complications including: blindness, heart failure, pregnancy complications, seizures and even death.
  • More than 60 million people in the United States are infected with the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.
  • Trichomoniasis infects over 3.7 Million people in the United States, can lead to pregnancy complications, and other std’s including HIV. It’s easily treatable.
  • Parasites are the most common life form on Earth. Scientists believe over 80% of all life is a parasite.
  • Not all parasites have yet been identified. There are still thousands of unidentified parasites.
  • The most deadly parasites are protozoa which are single celled parasites. This means, they do not need anything else to breed, just themselves.
  • Malaria is caused by a parasite. It’s the deadliest disease of all time.

These are just some very basic statistics about parasites. There are countless parasites, and they infect billions of people worldwide. Some might show no effects for years while others will completely disable and even kill you.

Common Parasites That Can Infect You

These are the most common parasites that you will see, many of them are quite common in America. Be warned, some of these pictures are not pleasant to the eye, so please do not hover over them unless you want to see them.

  • Round Worms – There are many different types of roundworms, and they can cause a variety of problems. They can vary in size from 1 millimeter to even 1 meter. The most common type of roundworm is Ascariasis, and it infects 1 billion people worldwide.


  • Tape Worms – Tapeworms can come from undercooked meat and can range from 9 to 15 meters in length. They can go undetected until it becomes quite large.


  • Giardia – Quite a few people (and animals) are infected with Giardia, and some common symptoms are diarrhea, gas, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. It is however possible to have no symptoms, but you can still pass it onto others.


  • Cryptosporidium – Can infect both humans and animals and primarly spread through water. It’s a leading cause of waterborne disease in the United States.


  • Toxoplasma – Over 60 million men, women and children in the US carry the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. There are studies showing infected rodents with altered behavior. Infection has been associated with a number of neurological disorders, particularly schizophrenia.


If Parasites are so common, then why are they so often misdiagnosed?

There are several reasons for parasites to be misdiagnosed. One reason might be that they might think it’s something else. If your stomach hurts, or you have bad diarrhea, most doctors might think it’s your diet. Maybe they’ll give you antibiotics because they believe it’s a virus.

Maybe you’ll be accused of having a bad diet. Regardless, doctors are usually not trained to deal with and diagnose parasites. Even though the CDC states that common parasites infect millions of people in the United States, it’s certainly not the first thing doctors assume is infecting their patients. It’s still relatively unknown that the CDC even did a Media Press Release stating that Parasite infections can and do occur in the United States and are a lot more common than people think.

Also many people just don’t want to picture or imagine that a parasite is in their body. They will look the other way, and just try not to believe it.

If you do have a parasite, how can they destroy your life

When you think of a parasite infection, you might think of it as some super deadly disease that cannot affect or infect you. But nobody is so special that parasites will not attack them, and they are everywhere in this world.

These are signs that you may be infected with a parasite:

  • If you have Constipation, Diarrhea or feelings of IBS
  • Dysentery (loose stools containing blood and mucus)
  • Gas and/or Bloating
  • Vomiting and/or Nausea
  • Stomach pain or tenderness
  • If you traveled and ever had traveler’s diarrhea
  • If you had food poisoning and your digestion hasn’t been the same since.
  • If you have difficulties falling asleep, and do not get good sleep.
  • Skin irritations, hives, rosacea, eczema, or unexplained rashes.
  • Rash or itching around the Rectum or vulva
  • Teeth grinding while sleeping
  • Aches and Pains in your muscles and joints
  • Experiencing fatigue, exhaustion, depression, tiredness or frequent feelings of apathy
  • Never being satisfied after meals. Always hungry.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • If you’ve ever been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia.
  • If you’ve passed a worm in your stool.

These are some of the more common symptoms that someone who is infected with parasites might show. Many people may show no symptoms when infected, but instead of showing symptoms they will pass it onto their partners. Some symptoms men show are: itching, irritation in the penis, burning after urination or ejaculation, and penile discharge. Women may show symptoms such as itching, burning, redness, soreness, discomfort during urination, a thin discharge with an unusual smell that is clear, white or greenish.

Having Trichomoniasis can make it unpleasant to have sex, and the infection can last for years without any treatment.

Many people with parasite infections are always unhappy and unsatisfied with their life. How happy can you be when you have parasites destroying you from within. You won’t really understand why your bowels are so bad even when you are eating healthy. Why you are always sick, or why you have so many symptoms.

You can get minor symptoms for years before it really shows the more serious ones. Some people will never even know that they have parasites, all they know is that life is really tough.

Preparing for a parasite cleanse

If you’re reading this far, then maybe you have been infected with a parasite. Maybe there is an organism that is feeding off of you. It’s stealing your nutrients, your energy, your life.

The reasons for that can be numerous and you may have symptoms of an infection for countless reasons. Maybe you’ve visited a third world country where the risks of having a parasite increase. Maybe your friend, family, coworker visited one, and they touched food that you were eating. Whatever the reason is, there is a chance that you have a parasite, and I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

There are countless parasite cleanses out there, and each different cleanse has a different ways to do it. I’m going to tell you about the cleanse that I do, and has worked for me as well as countless other people. I have studied parasites for countless years, I have a doctorate in Parasitology and have helped countless people who have suffered from parasites. I’ve seen countless people go through the most rigorous routine for a parasite cleanse and they just can’t keep it up. Well, neither can I, so I don’t do that.

When I was in college I tried to do a cleanse before, and it was one of the worst things that I ever did. It started out by fasting on juice for about a week, and then limited my foods so much. It wasn’t so much a cleanse as it was starvation. That’s why when I see some of these cleanses I wonder can it actually be done. Is there any benefit, and is it really healthy to put your body into a starvation mode? What’s really important is long term benefits, and being able to stick with something. Being able to change your life for the better is far more important than a 30, 60, or even a 90 day cleanse.

The cleanse I do is one of the easiest cleanses. If you’re looking for something that is more complicated and difficult, which has no scientific basis, there are plenty of cleanses out there by people who are just looking to scam you out of your money. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I cannot help you.

I will say that to get the best out of the parasite cleanse, I first do clean out my body.

I would try to eliminate processed foods, and also drink a glass of lemon juice with water three times a day. To do the lemon juice, I squeeze 1 lemon in a glass of water, and drink it first thing in the morning. Some people do it morning, afternoon and evening, you have to see what works best for you. Another thing that I do is to make sure I stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. You can do both of them throughout the entire cleanse.

Once I do that for a few days, then I start the actual parasite cleanse.

Now there are prescription medications that do work for parasite cleanses and it’s recommend you speak to a doctor if you have a serious parasite infestation. But what I’m telling you is for the average person, not someone who spent his entire life in a third world country drinking from infested rivers and streams.

These are the main herbs that I use and recommend in a parasite cleanse. Now many of the ingredients serve many purposes and tons of other health benefits which are good for your overall health, but are not essential to a parasite cleanse. I’ll go over a way to get all of this easily in easy to use dosages.

Wormwood – One of the most bitter herbs known, so be sure to take it in a capsule. It is known to kill several different species of worms including roundworms, hookworms, pinworms and whipworms. Parasites can have strong membranes, and wormwood contains an ingredient called sesquiterpene lactones which weakens them so they are more easily killed.

Black Walnut- It’s not actually the black walnut, but actually the Hull which really contains strong anti-parasitic properties.

Cloves- Cloves are quite wondrous in the potential benefits that you can gain from them. They contain eugenol, caryophyllene and tannins which all possess powerful anti-microbial properties. While Cloves are effective at killing malaria, tuberculosis, scabies, viruses, bacteria, candida, and many others my primary purpose of using cloves is to remove parasite eggs and kill microscopic protozoa. If you just kill the parasites and keep the eggs, you will keep getting reinfected.

Garlic Extract – You probably know about garlic and the many wonderful benefits that it contains, which is too many to even list on this article. Garlic has many of these benefits because it is antimicrobial and antiparasitic.

Pau D’ Arco – A very powerful antioxidant with many health benefits that is used for parasites, yeast, fungal infections, and much much more.

Pumpkin Seeds – An ingredient that most people throw away, but it has been long used to help the body to remove parasites. Instead of killing the worms, it paralyzes them so that they can’t latch on.

Now some of these ingredients are common while others are not so very common. If you had to ingest every parasite fighting herb, you’d probably give up on day 2. How do I know this? Because I did. But maybe you’re stronger and more dedicated than me and can go to day 4 or 5, but regardless, that’s not what I recommend to do.

Instead what I’m about to recommend to you has been used by hundreds, if not thousands of people safely. It’s been used to help them feel better. It’s helped kill the parasites, the eggs, and even helps to clean it out of your body.

What I’m about to recommend to you is called Paraufero.

Paraufero is a unique supplement with 18 ingredients. That’s right, 18 ingredients designed to work with your body to naturally get rid of the harmful parasites that are destroying you. It contains all 6 of the ingredients that I mentioned previously, and much much more. The ingredients in Paraufero are:

Ingredients in Paraufero:

  • Zinc
  • Cranberry (11% extract)
  • Garlic Extract (1.2% allicin)
  • Apple Pectin Powder
  • Black Walnut Hull Powder
  • Carrot Juice Powder
  • Papaya Fruit Powder
  • Pau D’Arco Powder
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Wood Betony Powder
  • Butternut Bark Powder
  • Cloves Powder
  • Wormwood Powder
  • Oregon Grape Root (10:1 extract)
  • Blueberry Leaf (22% extract)
  • Golden Thread (20% extract)
  • Goldenseal (5% extract)
  • Echinacea Aungustifolia Powder

These ingredients were designed to become a powerful parasite killer and cleanser. They were all specifically and carefully chosen to support the killing of parasites, destroying the eggs, and removing them from your body.

Now Paraufero is great by itself, but I highly recommend you get a couple other things.

If you are on a low budget, and just want to do a parasite cleanse, then just get Paraufero, but if you really want to do a cleanse properly, then I highly suggest you get the Parasite Cleanse Pack which I’ll talk about further ahead.

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This is the easiest natural solution that I know of to remove parasites.

The greatest part is that it uses all natural herbs and ingredients.

If you think you might be suffering from parasites, then you can get this super parasite fighting blend with 18 different ingredients. Or, you can continue to do what you’re doing, and wonder why your health is deteriorating day by day.

There’s a reason why I get emails from people who have successfully used Paraufero to eliminate parasites from their body.

People just like you and me.

email-1*Results not typical, results may vary.

email-2*Results not typical, results may vary.

email-3*Results not typical, results may vary.

Now I talked about the Parasite Cleanse Pack, and you are probably wondering what is it? What are the benefits to it over Paraufero with 18 different natural ingredients.

While Paraufero does contain 18 natural ingredients, we found that it’s a bit lacking in certain things. Mainly to get your digestion working to the way it should be, and these type of things can take some time. So what we did is provided you with what we believe to be the best way to get your digestion working properly.

The parasite cleanse pack contains:

3 Bottles of Probacto Probiotics – These probiotics are some of the most potent probiotics that you can find. It’s more like a super blend which contains several different unique strains of probiotics, a prebiotic, as well as a digestive yeast cleanse to eat yeast.

2 Bottles of Paraufero – The cleanse also contains two bottles of Paraufero, so you are able to repeat the cleanse in two to three weeks.

1 Bottle of DenzPro – This is a super potent digestive enzyme which we have included. This helps by providing your body with the necessary digestive enzymes, things that it was probably lacking before.

With the parasite cleanse pack, people have found that their body has worked so much better.

There are several options that you can do. Some people if they live alone only get the cleanse for themselves. But if you have a family a lot of people buy enough to give to their entire family to take together, because that’s ideal to work with everyone at the same time. You can also support each other.

I want to tell you something else that’s very important.

Humans have the knowledge and tools to get rid of parasites, but when do animals get rid of them? When do parasites leave the host?

Well usually when they die. You can’t say that the parasite has no responsibility in the death of the host either.

You are smarter than that. You can get rid of parasites and stop it from doing further damage to your body.

So how do you use them?

To take Paraufero, all you have to do is take 2 capsules with your meal. You do that 3 times a day for 10 days. Simple, easy. It’s also highly recommended to repeat the cleanse again in 2 to 3 weeks, because as great as Paraufero is, there could be eggs still hiding out in your body and you can get rid of them then.

The digestive enzyme is taken with meals, and the probiotics is taken before a meal.

In my opinion this is the best natural way to get rid of parasites.

Sure there are cleanses that you can do, but if you’re willing to change your entire life, restrict your diet for a minimum of 6 months, and do a long term cleanse, then that might be the solution for you. But many doctors actually do not consider it safe and healthy, but instead consider these long term cleanses to be dangerous for your health.

I did tell you about the easiness of Paraufero, but it wouldn’t be fair of me to not tell you that nothing is perfect. Paraufero will not work 100% of the time for everyone. Yes it has successfully worked for countless people, but that doesn’t make it perfect. Just like if you have Strep throat, you might take antibiotics, but some people might need a different antibiotic. It’s just something that you should be aware of.

Well that’s why if it doesn’t work, there is a money back satisfaction guarantee. This way if you’re unsatisfied with the pack for any reason, even no reason at all, just send the empty bottle back for a full refund. No questions asked. This guarantee is only offered because we have so many satisfied customers.

Now, if you can’t afford it, and still want to be cleansed of parasites, by all means Paraufero is a good product. It contains 18 natural ingredients and is designed to cleanse all 3 packs of parasites. Many of our customers just get that and are beyond satisfied, so do not feel left out.

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Now it wouldn’t be fair for me not to tell you about this.

Potential Side Effects of a Parasite Cleanse

I do have to warn you though that parasite cleanses do have possible potential side effects. The side effects are believed to occur because of the death of many parasites at once. The most common side effect is gastrointestinal upset. Many people on a parasite cleanse may experience increased flatulence, or even diarrhea. Other possible side effects are respiratory symptoms such as a runny nose, coughing, sneezing. This is experienced because your body has killed many parasites and is getting rid of the contaminants whichever way it knows.

Sometimes some people expect to see some huge drastic change in their body. They want to experience fevers, diarrhea, to show that the parasites are being killed. I personally do not like getting fevers, aches, chills, diarrhea, and I believe the less side effects the better.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If I do a parasite cleanse, will that treat candida as well?

Parasite and candida cleanse are two different things. The candida cleanse that I really recommend can be found at:

Is it safe to do a parasite cleanse while breastfeeding?

If I was pregnant or nursing, I would hold off on doing a parasite cleanse. Speak to your doctor about making any sort of drastic health changes.

Does parasite cleanse kill good bacteria?

That’s an interesting question that is tough to answer. When someone is infected with parasites, they usually only have a limited amount of good bacteria. The best suggestion that I have is to take probiotics. Probacto probiotics are formulated to help with candida, and can also help give your gut the extra good bacteria it needs.

Is a parasite cleanse the same as a colon cleanse?

No, they are different. A parasite cleanse is made to eradicate the nasty vile parasites from your body, but a colon cleanse is made to clean your colon. In some ways they do the same thing, but they have a different purpose.

What is the best parasite cleanse product?

Best is a very subjective word. I believe Paraufero to be the best because it’s simple, easy to use and follow, and very affordable.

Can I drink coffee on the parasite cleanse?

Paraufero doesn’t restrict you from doing anything, but in terms of drinking coffee, you should really consider finding an alternative as it’s not really healthy for you.

Can a parasite cleanse help you lose weight?

Parasites can take up a lot of weight in your body, and when you get rid of them, that can help you lose weight. It can also make your stomach protrude, and if you get rid of parasites, it can go back to being flat.

Does the parasite zapper work?

I’ve seen no evidence of it working, and I would not spend my money on it.

Am I definitely infected with parasites?

There are billions of people in this world infected with parasites, but that does not mean you are infected with parasites. I choose to do the cleanse every 6 months for myself, just because it makes me feel safe.

Why don’t I just make my own cleanse with the ingredients?

Because I value my time, and care about efficiency. If I spent all day buying ingredients, measuring them out, and then taking them it would be beyond tedious. Then you have to encapsulate them because the tastes are far too bitter. If you want to you can, but it ends up being more expensive and tedious. If you do, hopefully you do not follow one of these dangerous programs that are prevalent on the internet.


    • Kalani,

      Every food that you eat, everything that you do adds up. The parasite cleanse (I’ve done it), has been wonderful, and that will kill parasites, but you can’t eat junk food, drink 2 liters of soda 3 times a day. Regardless, doing the parasite cleanse will most likely be beneficial whether you have a good diet or a bad diet, but diet does matter.

      I actually found out about parasites because I was researching candida, and had a terrible yeast infection. The candida cleanse that you can find on the probacto blog works absolute wonders. I’d start with a parasite cleanse first though.

  1. Dear friends

    Thank you for the Paraufero. I finished the first bottle a couple of weeks ago. Would waiting for the follow up be better at two weeks than three, and does it mean from the day I started or ended?

    thanks again,
    kit nelson

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